YAOWZZZA!!!What a day on the links today!! Great day of sunshine, cool breezes and a NEW PUTTER... Just to let you and Dave know, I broke 100 for the FIRST time this year!! 92!!! and it could have been better if my chipping would have been a tad better...lol.. Really enjoyed the accolades from the guys on the great look of the putter... and... the " since when did you learn to putt" comments..lol..The "roll it with wood" is one of golfs truisms..lol .. Thanks ya all! Now if I can just remember how it was done...Have a great day.. I NOW LOVE THIS GAME!!! (got my 5 strokes..plus..all in one day) will keep you posted!!
Date of Posting: 06 April 2012
Posted By: John K
Hello Dave it's Russ from Boston. I'm the one with the balde putter that had problems a few years ago, then I rebought the putter and had it bent to my specs. I sent an Email about a month ago saying I had gone 100 holes without 3 putting. the Streak ended at 132. I went most of July and part of June on different courses and greens without a 3 putt. I renamed the putter "musty 132" I want to mount it and buy another blade. do you still make them? If not is it possible to have "MUSTY 132 engraved on the top or bottom of this one over the winter? Thanks for lowering my handicap.
Date of Posting: 06 April 2012
Posted By: Russ F
Thanks David, your excellent reputation for customer service and satisfaction is well deserved.
Date of Posting: 30 March 2012
Posted By: Jon R
I purchased my 1st musty putter and loved it so much that i bought a 2nd one to leave in my summer place in florida.
Date of Posting: 30 March 2012
Posted By: John B
I received my Musty Putter in the mail yesterday and I am thrilled. It is a true piece of craftsmanship! It is truly a beautiful and well balanced putter.
Date of Posting: 30 March 2012
Posted By: Craig W.

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